Should I Get Self-Cleaning Window Coatings?

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Should I Get Self-Cleaning Window Coatings?

Should I Get Self-Cleaning Window Coatings?

1 November 2015
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Given the challenges of cleaning windows on a high-rise building, it may be advantageous to have your windows coated with a nanotech coating. This coating is easy to apply and will reduce the degree to which your windows need to be cleaned. This will cause your building to look more professional, will save you money on window cleaning services and will also improve the productivity of your company.

How It Works

The self-cleaning spray can be applied either by spraying or coating. The layer will be very thin and will only reduce the amount of sunlight that passes through by a few percentage points. When sunlight hits the window, its coating transforms water molecules found in the air into hydroxyl radicals. These radicals attack the dirt molecules, cleaning the window.

A problem with glass is that it is usually water-phobic. This factor causes the water to bead, which then run down the glass and create dirty streaks. The coating causes the water to instead spread out across the glass evenly, eliminating streaking. This characteristic also makes it easier for commercial window cleaners to wash your windows.

How To Apply It

Since you will need to apply the coating to several windows, you should consider using a product that comes with a double sachet. The towelette is pre-soaked with the coating and can simply be wiped across the surface to apply the coating.

Your window coatings are best applied by professionals who will know the legal safety procedures necessary to scale the side of your building with a scaffold.

Will I Need To Clean It Manually?

Your windows will only need to be cleaned manually if you face a dry spell. Then, you may choose to hire a commercial window cleaning service. Also, you may choose not to use the self-cleaning coating at all since you may not want to wait for the period it takes to activate. Also, depending on the level of moisture in the air, it may be necessary to regularly hose windows down.

Another problem is that the windows only clean organic dirt. If you have inorganic dirt, such as sea salt spray, you will need a second approach to cleaning your windows, unless there is enough rainfall to remove this form of dirt. Therefore, you will need to see how well the self-cleaning windows work before you determine whether you will still need to hire commercial window cleaning services. Contact a company like Elite Clean Up for more information on window cleaning.

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