Drapery Styles For Problem Windows

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Drapery Styles For Problem Windows

Drapery Styles For Problem Windows

9 December 2015
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Different window styles, such as bay and picture, make your home more attractive. However, if you have such windows, you know the difficulty of providing window treatments for them. The very features that make them unique also make these windows difficult to dress. Utilize custom drapery to enhance the beauty of your specialty windows.

Bay Bump Out

A bay window bump out is an easy way to add space to a room. However, creating the angles of the bump out does mean problems in fitting a curtain rod. According to Better Homes and Gardens, this is the time to order a custom curtain rod. Such a rod can be fashioned to navigate the corners while still providing a single surface for your curtain panels. For this kind of a setup, hang a separate panel in front of each window so you can control the flow of light into your room.

Picture Window

Covering a picture window may seem counterintuitive because it also covers the view the window is meant to highlight. Plantation blinds come in handy for this situation. Plantation blinds are designed with wide louvers to control the light while also adding privacy. However, the wide louvers make the view easy to still see. Indeed, you can even select plantation blinds that swing open to expose the full view from your window at any time.

Window Bank

Plantation blinds are a good solution for the breadth a bank of windows presents, too. However, another option is utilizing Roman shades. These come in numerous colors and light control options. If you want the window treatments to drive the décor in your room, select a pretty pattern in a specific color palette. Otherwise, choose neutral-colored blinds that blend into the surroundings. As with plantation blinds, Roman shades are easy to open when you want the full view.

Narrow Window

A narrow window presents the opposite problem – lack of breadth. In that case, consider bold-colored drapes, such as jewel tones. Such bold drapes put the window itself on display. They also add a touch of class to the room. Install decorative tiebacks or curtain rods for added design appeal.

Sliding Glass Door

Many homeowners like to fit drapes over their sliding glass door. While this is certainly an option, another idea is having the door itself fitted with blinds. In fact, such custom blinds afford you different design options. For example, select rattan or bamboo blinds for a casual atmosphere. Alternatively, look for hardwood blinds that contrast with the panes for added visual interest to the space.

Highlight the best features of your unique windows with custom treatments. For more information, contact a company like Custom Drapery By Casa Decor.

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