2 Window Options That Can Make Your Home Easier To Clean

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2 Window Options That Can Make Your Home Easier To Clean

2 Window Options That Can Make Your Home Easier To Clean

4 February 2016
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Replacing all of the windows throughout your home can present you with a fantastic opportunity to do away with traditional windows and take advantage of the many benefits offered by specialty windows. Specialty windows can do everything from make your home more secure to increasing your privacy. Listed below are two window options that can make your home quite a bit easier to clean.

Double-Hinged Windows

One of the hardest parts about cleaning your home is keeping your windows clean and perfectly clear. Sure, you can typically easily clean the interior surface of the glass, but the exterior surface can often be a pain to deal with. 

In many cases, if you want to clean the exterior surface of your windows you will have to run outside and go from window to window. If you have a two-story house, you will either have to take the risk of climbing up a ladder to reach the upper-story windows, or to try and hose them down from the ground. 

However, a double-hinged window can help you make this cleaning process much easier and more convenient. This is because a double-hinged window will actually allow you to fold the window into the home so that you can reach the exterior surface of the glass without having to leave your home. This will allow you to actually wipe down both surfaces of the glass with cleaning solution in order to make your windows as clean as possible.

Encased Blinds

Another thing that can make your windows and home harder to clean are your blinds. Blinds always seem to attract dust and debris over time, and that dust can then be transferred to your windows. This can result in your home and windows having a rather dusty and dingy appearance. 

One option that can help you eliminate this problem is to purchase a window with encased blinds. These windows will consist of two panes of glass that are enclosing a set of blinds between them. Since the panes of glass are encasing the blinds, dust and debris cannot reach them, which means that you will not have to worry about dusting or cleaning your blinds ever again.

In addition, this can save you a bit of money because the glass also restricts access to your blinds from children and pets. This means that your blinds will be much less likely to end up getting damaged or destroyed.

Contact a window dealer or contractor today, like Guardian Windows & Doors, in order to discuss the many specialty window options that are available for your home. If you want to make your windows and home easier to clean, then it is very difficult to beat the benefits provided by double-hinged windows and windows with encased blinds.

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