Learn How To Properly Secure The Windows In Your Home Before Going Out Of Town

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Learn How To Properly Secure The Windows In Your Home Before Going Out Of Town

Learn How To Properly Secure The Windows In Your Home Before Going Out Of Town

5 February 2016
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If you are someone who works out of town often, you need to be sure that you take the time to properly secure your home when you go out of town. The windows in your home are often only secured with one lock. The following guide walks you through a few ways to secure different types of windows when you go out of town.

Secure Sliding Glass Windows

Sliding glass windows can be secured with the help of a wooden dowel. Purchase a wooden dowel at a home improvement store. Measure the exact width of one side of your sliding window and then cut the dowel to the exact same size as the window with a saw. When you go out of town, you can place the dowel in the track of the window so that it cannot be slid open. For extra protection, you can also run a small screw through the top of the window casing into the window frame before you leave town to prevent the window from being able to slide, as well.

Secure Double Hinge Windows

Securing double hinge windows is not overly difficult to do either. Simply use a hand drill to drill a pilot hole through the double hinge window on either side of the locking mechanism on the center of the window. Insert one screw eye into each hole. When you go to leave your home for an extended period of time, turn the screws to the right until they cannot screw in anymore. Potential thieves will not be able to open and close the windows, even if they were to pop the lock because the two pieces will be secured to one another.

Secure Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the easiest windows to secure because all you need to do is simply remove the handle from the window. The windows open and close by turning the knob that is attached to the bottom of the window. Remove the knob by securing it at the base of the turning mechanism and turning the knob independently from the base in a counterclockwise fashion. The knob will come loose and thieves will not be able to open it from the outside of your home.

If you feel that  your windows are still not as secure as they could be because a thief could still break the glass of the window and get into your home, consider installing security bars to the outside of the windows that are located on the ground floor of your home. This will ensure that the thieves cannot get into your home, even if they break the glass, because the bars will be in place.

For more information on security window options, talk with window supply and manufacturing companies, like Alartco Windows & Doors Manufacturing.

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