Three Types Of Windows For The Kitchen And Advantages Of Each

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Three Types Of Windows For The Kitchen And Advantages Of Each

Three Types Of Windows For The Kitchen And Advantages Of Each

31 May 2017
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The windows in your kitchen help to serve many purposes. They are great ways to let in natural light and can be opened up to let in some much-needed fresh air. Another purpose kitchen windows provide is that they offer a way to see what's going on outdoors. No matter what your reason for having windows in your kitchen, if you have decided your kitchen needs replacement windows, here are three types from which to choose and advantages of each.

Kitchen Bay Windows

Bay windows for the kitchen come in a variety of styles including an angled bay, a bay with a window seat, or a box bay. You can buy bay windows for the kitchen pre-assembled or you can choose to get them custom-made. Advantages for kitchen bay windows include:

  • Can make your cooking space feel larger
  • Let in a lot of natural light
  • A simple way to add an attractive look

If you opt to install a bay window on your own, it can be relatively inexpensive.

Stained Glass Windows

If you want to add a unique and artistic look to your kitchen, adding stained glass windows are a great option. Landscapes and floral patterns are some of the most popular looks for stained glass windows. Some advantages stain glass windows have to offer include:

  • Allows natural light to come in while blocking out an undesirable view
  • Offers a way to add privacy
  • Can be formed to fit any window shape

Stained glass windows are especially beautiful during the daylight hours and the natural colors created by the stained glass can help accent the color scheme of your kitchen.

Garden Windows

Fitted with shelves and side ventilation, a garden window is just like having a miniature green house in your home. If you would love to look at flowers or plants as you wash dishes in the sink, a garden window would be the perfect addition for your kitchen. Some advantages garden windows offer include:

  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Adds warmth and light to the kitchen
  • Offers a way to conveniently showcase your plants and flowers

Only a small amount of space is necessary when adding a garden window. Though small, they still let in plenty of light while providing an extra shelf space.

Whether you choose a bay window, stained glass window, or garden window, you can easily change the look of your kitchen while adding value at the same time. To learn more about kitchen window installation contact a window installation company such as Gallagher Bros. Inc. to learn more.

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