The Differences Between Inside & Outside Mounts For Window Treatments

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The Differences Between Inside & Outside Mounts For Window Treatments

The Differences Between Inside & Outside Mounts For Window Treatments

29 July 2017
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When you choose window treatments for your home, you are going to run across two different mounting options, inside and outside mounts. Both of these mounting options are solid ways to mount window treatments in your home. Each different type of mounting option is designed to work with different types of windows and creates different effects.

#1 Outside Mounts

Outside mounts are specifically designed to provide you with the option of hanging up window treatments when your window casing is not that deep and will not accommodate inside mounts for blinds. Outside mounts are often necessary with picture windows that do not have deep window cases. They are usually often necessary as well for French doors and sliding glass doors as well that don't have window cases around the at all.

Outside mounts can be attached directly to the window trim, which is often the case for things such as French doors and sliding glass doors. They can also be attached or mounted on the window frame, which is generally the case with picture windows.

One of the advantages of using outside mounts is that the window treatments you choose don't have to fit the window. For example, if you have a small window in your home, but you want it to look larger, you can hang up window dressings that are wider than the window, and create an enlarged window look. This also works great with windows that are oddly shaped; you can use the window dressings to hide the window's shape inside of your home.

Additionally, window treatments with outside brackets can allow you to take advantage of the entire view of your window when they are raised since the binds rest above your window. Also, when you close the window treatments light will also be more effectively blocked out.

#2 Inside Mounts

Inside mounts are what most people are familiar with when it comes to window treatments, specifically blinds. Inside mounts are designed to be hung-up inside of the window casing. Inside mounts are nice because the blinds can hang inside of your window extending over or covering up the window frame, which is great if you really like the frame around your window. It also always for a very clean look, with the blinds resting inside of the window frame.

Additionally, when you use inside mounts for your blinds, it leaves you more room to use an outside mounting system for curtains for your windows.

One of the few downsides to an inside mount is that there are going to be some gaps along the edge of your windows where light can get in. Also, when your blinds are raised all the way, they will gather at the top of your window, limiting your view by a few inches. 

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