How To Get Your House Thoroughly Cleaned

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How To Get Your House Thoroughly Cleaned

How To Get Your House Thoroughly Cleaned

10 August 2017
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With the kids home for the summer have you had so many activities that you have neglected your house cleaning? Perhaps you have given your house the proverbial lick and a promise and you know that it's time to get down to serious business. If that's the case, from enlisting help from your family members to hiring somebody to clean your windows, here are some ideas that may help you to end up with a like-new house:

Getting Help From Your Family Members - Even little hands can do little jobs. And, if you have older kids, count yourself both lucky and blessed, as they can help you in a big way:

  • Start by making a big chart of chores that need to be accomplished.
  • For example, write down things like Clean the porcelain figurines, Dust all wooden furniture pieces, and Vacuum all the fabric covered furniture.
  • After you have established what needs to be done, get family members to write their names beside the chores they want to do.
  • Consider working as teams, too. Give big jobs to an older child while a little one gives him or her assistance.
  • It's also important to write down a deadline date that states when you want all jobs accomplished.

Getting Help From Professionals - You have probably already realized that some jobs are too big to do without getting professional help:

  • Hire a commercial service to do the window cleaning. When you set an appointment, make sure that you tell them how many windows you have and if there are windows on a second floor.
  • By hiring professional workers to clean your windows for you, you can be sure that they have the training and the experience to do a thorough job.
  • The window cleaners will have special equipment that will access hard-to-reach windows. 
  • Don't forget to include the windows on your garage door, if there are any.
  • Think about hiring professionals to also deep clean your carpets and tile floors, including the grout.

It might be fun to take before-and-after pictures. When the house is thoroughly cleaned, have a family meeting where you show the pictures so that all of your family members can see what a big difference it makes when you take the time to do things right. Consider setting aside Saturday mornings to go through your house to see what needs to be spruced up. And, it's also a good idea to hire the professionals you already used to come back to clean windows and floors on a regular basis. You'll probably find that it's worth the money you'll spend.

Contact local commercial window cleaning services for more information and assistance. 

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