Making Your Older Home More Marketable: Tips For Adding Value And Curb Appeal

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Making Your Older Home More Marketable: Tips For Adding Value And Curb Appeal

Making Your Older Home More Marketable: Tips For Adding Value And Curb Appeal

25 October 2017
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As the owner of an older home, you probably already know that there is much to love about these stately beauties, especially if they have been tastefully updated and carefully maintained. Larger rooms sizes, high ceilings, and abundant storage are just a few of the features that these homes can offer.

Unfortunately, however, some older homes may have been renovated without taking steps to carry the improvements throughout the entire home. When this happens, an older home may lose needed curb appeal or be perceived as less valuable by qualified buyers. If you are the owner of an older home and have concerns about its marketability in today's competitive real estate market, the following tips can help you add curb appeal and real market value that prospective buyers will notice and appreciate. 

Correcting the appearance of an incomplete renovation

Most homes older than a few decades have likely undergone at least one renovation in the past. Whether the renovation was to add additional bedrooms and bathrooms or to improve outdated spaces, such as kitchens or living areas, the work likely included adding or changing out some windows. Unfortunately, in the case of many older home renovations, new windows were only installed in the rooms being renovated, leaving the home with an uneven or incomplete appearance that can disturb potential buyers. 

Sellers who want to remedy this incomplete appearance and restore the curb appeal of their home should consider one of two options to do so. The first is to install new, matching windows throughout the home to add a cohesive appearance and improve efficiency. If this is not possible due to time or cost constraints, sellers can restore curb appeal by replacing only the windows on the front of the home. 

Adding visual proof of energy efficiency

One of the reasons that many buyers shy away from older homes, even when they really love them, is due to concerns about utility costs. Owners of older homes that have not upgraded the windows can help to overcome these buyer concerns by installing new windows and doors that meet or exceed current energy efficiency standards.

According to information provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, replacing older, single-pane windows with new, high-efficiency models can create savings of up to $465 in energy costs per year, depending on the area in which the home is located and the type of windows installed.

Homeowners who want to make window replacements should also know that they may be able to find applicable rebates or tax credits to assist them with the expense. Federal, state, and local programs often offer a variety of rebate options, as well as those that may be offered by energy cooperatives.  

Attracting buyer interest with home updates

Owners of older homes who choose to update their homes to attract more buyers and add additional curb appeal should remember to focus on these updates when marketing their home for sale. Some excellent ways in which to do this include: 

  • displaying flyers during buyer viewings that illustrate actual savings on utility bills after new windows and doors were installed
  • making sure that all marketing materials include information about the upgrades that clearly show the potential utility savings that buyers could realize if they purchase the home
  • using marketing photos and video that clearly show how appealing the home is with matching windows and doors installed 

Most buyers today want to purchase homes that will not require any major updates during their first few years of ownership. By adding new, more energy efficient windows to an older home, homeowners may be able to expand their pool of interested buyers and help to ensure a better home selling experience. 

To learn more about the benefits of installing new windows in an older home, owners should speak with a reputable window contractor in their area. 

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