Three Things To Look For When Buying New Patio Doors

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Three Things To Look For When Buying New Patio Doors

Three Things To Look For When Buying New Patio Doors

21 December 2017
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If it's time to replace your old, rattly patio doors, you'll have many options to consider. You can choose a traditional sliding glass door or you can opt for something more visually interesting. Here are some things to consider when shopping for new patio doors.

The Door Style

One of the biggest decisions you'll have is the style of door. The appearance of the patio door affects your entire home inside and outside. You can choose a sliding door, French doors, bi-fold doors, or hinged doors. Decide how you plan to use the doors as this will help you decide on the style that's best when you also factor in the space you have available. The great thing about sliding doors is that they don't take up room since they slide out of the way. If you want as much space open as possible between the inside of your home and the patio, you might want bi-fold doors as both sides of the door open and fold back for maximum exposure.

This could be an ideal choice if you entertain outdoors or when you have a beautiful view. If you want patio doors that look beautiful on the inside, then French doors could be a good choice since they offer visual interest on the inside when closed. These might be an option if you think you'll have the doors closed most of the time.

The Door Material

Just like any type of door, patio doors can be made from wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. The material greatly affects the price, and it also has an effect on the energy efficiency of your home. Aluminum is a more affordable option, but it is not as energy efficient as other materials. Vinyl and fiberglass require very little maintenance while wood needs to be maintained properly to stay in good shape.

The Type Of Glass

Patio doors are great for letting in natural light and connecting you with the outdoors, but they can also let in damaging UV rays. For that reason, you'll probably want glass that is treated to block UV rays. You can have tint applied that is dark or it can be clear. By preventing UV rays from getting in your home, you can avoid problems with fading of carpet and upholstery.

Also, glass treatments can help with energy efficiency by slowing down the transfer of heat. Another option to consider is buying patio doors with impact glass. This will give you peace of mind that your home isn't vulnerable to intruders or storms if it has a wall of glass doors. Impact glass is made to withstand hurricanes, so it is very difficult to knock out.

Patio doors provide beauty, value, and improved flow to your home. By choosing your doors carefully, you can enhance your home while maintaining energy efficiency and keeping maintenance requirements low. Talk to a contractor for more information.

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