3 Common Signs That Your Windows Could Benefit From Professional Restoration

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3 Common Signs That Your Windows Could Benefit From Professional Restoration

3 Common Signs That Your Windows Could Benefit From Professional Restoration

5 March 2018
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Living in an old home definitely offers its perks and advantages, but owning an old home also means having to make some modern upgrades and changes. This is especially true where the windows are concerned. Old windows were not at all built the same as more modern versions, but they do still have their advantages. Therefore, if you have old windows that you would rather not replace, window restoration becomes the most logical option. How do you know your old windows could benefit from professional restoration? Here is a look at some of the common signs that restorations would be better than full-on replacement. 

The frames of your old windows are still in excellent shape. 

One thing a lot of older windows have going for them is that they are made of wood, and wood tends to hold up well enough that it remains sturdy for a long time. If you have old wooden window frames and they have not sustained water damage or other obvious damages, you could easily have them restored. Of course, the wood would have to be refinished, and possibly new window panes installed, but in the end, you can have new windows that still have all of those old-fashioned features you love. 

The old windows still aesthetically match the rest of the house. 

One of the biggest concerns about replacement windows for owners of old houses is that they will stick out pretty conspicuously against a home that has been preserved as mostly original. For example, if you have kept the same old vintage brick cladding and other rustic features to maintain that loveable level of charm, new vinyl windows may look a little out of place. If the windows you have in place simply work because they match for aesthetic purposes, it may be a good idea for them to be restored. 

The existing windows have valuable attributes. 

Window making these days is a little more of a mechanical process. In the old days, windows were often built by the hands of crafters and tradesmen, which meant windows sometimes got those unique traits that old homes are known for. For example, you may have old wooden windows that have intricately carved frames or inlaid stained glass pieces that surround the main glass pane. These windows in their original state can up the value of the home because the windows are actually valuable and hard to come by. With a good window restoration expert, you can restore any damages to those unique traits and keep the valuable windows in place.  

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