Should You Invest In Wooden Windows?

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Should You Invest In Wooden Windows?

Should You Invest In Wooden Windows?

1 May 2018
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Windows are one of the most often used features in a house. Constant opening, closing, handling, and slamming that a typical moving window is subjected to throughout the year can definitely wear it down. This isn't even taking into account the effect that exterior forces, like the weather, can have on the outside of a window fixture. Because of this, many builders are choosing to install synthetic, low maintenance products like vinyl or PVC. While these products certainly have their advantages, there are still some very good reasons to invest in wooden pictures. This article explains why you should still consider installing wooden fixtures, even if you are building a brand new home.

All Wood vs. Hybrid Fixtures

There are really two types of wooden windows. The majority of modern when windows are hybrids. That is, the frame of the sash is actually PVC, vinyl, fiberglass or another synthetic material. Then, a thin veneer or cladding of wood is installed on top of this. This construction is important because it contributes to the strength of the fixture. The more old-fashioned wooden windows just consist of wood and glass. This is a traditional, but not a particularly durable solution.

Maintaining Wood

You have to realize that wooden sashes are susceptible to the weather conditions. They can warp, bend, and split with changes in the temperature or moisture content of the air. This can put a strain on the glass pane, which might ultimately cause it to separate from the wood, or even worse, crack. Basically, the old fashion way of making wooden windows is no longer practical, so hybrids are much more common.

It is worth mentioning, that even if you do install modern wooden windows, the outside of the frame is going to wear down quicker than the inside. Rain and sun can cause serious deterioration to the wood grain if it is not coated with a sealant or waterproof paint. Despite all this, homeowners mostly agree that wooden windows are the most attractive choice.

Wood Can Be Customized

When it comes to wood, many people love that it can be customized. It can be painted, stain, antiqued, and finished with just any custom style you desire. There aren't many style limitations with wooden fixtures.

So, you should still be confident when it comes to choosing your window sashes that you are getting the most stylish product. Even though they need a little more care, they are great to own. For more information, contact your local storm shutters installation service.

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