4 Reasons To Go With Wood For Your Replacement Windows

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4 Reasons To Go With Wood For Your Replacement Windows

4 Reasons To Go With Wood For Your Replacement Windows

4 December 2018
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If you have some windows in your home that need replaced, you have multiple options available. Vinyl and metal remain popular choices but there's a reason why many homeowners stick with the  traditional choice of wood. Here are four reasons why wood windows are the right choice for your home.

Outstanding Insulation

Is your energy bill going up every month? A leaky window could be the culprit but you also want to make sure you are using a material that can provide natural insulation. To that end, you will find that wood window frames are outstanding at keeping outside air from penetrating your home. Your exact results will vary depending on the quality of the construction, but in general, wood is naturally better at providing insulation when compared with vinyl or metal.

Extra Sturdy

Wood windows are also great at handling temperature changes and in some ways are more durable than vinyl and metal. The wood will not expand or contract like metal does as the temperature changes. Also consider that wood which has been properly sealed won't be at risk of warping or cracking like vinyl. Wood windows have been in houses for many, many decades and wood's long-lasting durability is a key reason why that's still true today.

Less Maintenance Than You Might Think

Advocates of other window types like vinyl might try to say that wood is more prone to rot or pest invasion, among other problems. But the only time wood windows become a problem is if they are not properly sealed. Today's wood windows already have extra-strong sealant on them from day one. It is unlikely you will need to reseal or perform serious maintenance for quite some time. You can keep new wood windows in good shape by simply wiping them down with soapy water from time to time, just like you would for vinyl.

So Many Visual Options

Wood window frames come in a variety of colors but can also be meticulously crafted with a special design in mind. If you want to add a truly high-end look to your home, wood windows with an intricate hand-crafted design pattern can really go a long way towards giving you the vibe you want.

Wood replacement windows are an excellent choice when replacing the windows in your current home, just as they have been for decades. Wood is highly durable, easy to maintain when properly sealed, provides excellent insulation and can offer a variety of colors and design patterns to choose from.

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