Own a Vacation Rental? 4 Reasons to Tint the Windows Around the Home

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Own a Vacation Rental? 4 Reasons to Tint the Windows Around the Home

Own a Vacation Rental? 4 Reasons to Tint the Windows Around the Home

6 February 2019
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As a vacation rental owner, you may have invested in numerous projects with the intention to make the home more appealing to vacationers. If you are interested in making further improvements, you should consider looking at the windows as your path to success.

Instead of replacing the windows or adding new ones, you should tint them. This will provide you with several impactful benefits that you will enjoy having with your vacation rental.

Temperature Control

When you own a vacation rental, you will need to pay the gas and electric bill all year long. While you can consider the average utility costs to determine how much to add on top of your planned daily rate, you will benefit from reducing this expense overall. Fortunately, this is something that you can accomplish by tinting the windows throughout the home, especially where the sun shines the best. Blocking out the sun will help you keep the space comfortable for all your guests.

Sleep Comfort

Although most of your guests will attempt to arrive at the vacation rental during normal hours, you may experience vacationers showing up during durring the night on occasion. Either way, you may know that it can take a while for guests to adjust to the time difference compared to their home.

By tinting the windows, especially the ones in the bedrooms, you can feel confident about your ability to help your guests sleep comfortably even in the middle of the day. The tint will act like blackout curtains that you can normally rely on using to get some quality rest at any time.


When you have guests come over, they may not like the idea of having reduced privacy due to large windows around the home. The easiest way to solve this problem is to tint the windows, but you may not be sure exactly how to get started with this process. If you want to gather some information before committing to window tint in your vacation rental, you can ask guests which windows bother them the most during the day, and then you can focus on these windows.

Home Security

Even if vacationers lock all the doors, your vacation rental may still be a target for thieves. This means potential criminals will look at your property, but you can make it harder for them by tinting windows in areas with any valuables on display. A great example is a high-definition television in the living room that you can protect with tinting.

Getting window tinting is an excellent way to make your vacation rental a safer and more inviting place.

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