How To Handle A Window Installation Process

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How To Handle A Window Installation Process

How To Handle A Window Installation Process

11 September 2020
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Installing windows on a new construction home looks a lot different than in a home with a family inside. On a new construction, they have a lot more freedom to move around the house and don't have to worry about any obstacles in the way. If you are having a window installation done on your home after you already live in it, preparation is key to a successful endeavor. Here are a few ways you can prepare for your window installers to arrive and how to conclude the entire process.

Prepare Your Home

To keep your furniture from getting damaged or ruined in the process of installing your new custom windows, be sure to move any items away from the windows. This will allow the workers to access the window frames without having to touch your personal belongings. On the inside of your home, leave enough space for them to drop tarps and mats to protect your flooring as well. If you have bushes or tall shrubs close to the windows, trim them back for easy access for the window replacement to take place.

Prepare Your Windows

If you use a security system for your home, be sure to turn off all window sensors and remove them from the windows prior to the window replacement crew's arrival to your home. This will keep any alarms from going off and avoid the stress that goes along with that. If you have any curtains or blinds, window installers prefer that you remove them before they start working so they have nothing in the way of getting their job done quickly and correctly. 

Stay Away

While the window installers are working, the best thing you can do is to stay out of their way. This means that if you have small children or pets, make arrangements for them to be outside of the home when the work is taking place. Pets and small children might get injured while crews are transporting windows in and out of your home, and everyone will be able to work more efficiently without the stress of an accident happening. 

Walk Through Before Completion

Before your window installers leave for good, be sure to walk with them and address any issues you might see before they leave. You are paying for your windows, and if something is not done to your standards, always ask questions and make sure you fully understand your warranty package, if any. Your satisfaction is important to the company, so always have open communication with them. 

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