5 Reasons To Choose Custom Blinds

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5 Reasons To Choose Custom Blinds

5 Reasons To Choose Custom Blinds

10 May 2021
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Perfectly fit blinds can add the finishing touch to any room. If your windows are anything but standard size, custom blinds are the way to go.

1. Better Fit

Trying to fit standard blinds or cut-down style blinds to your non-standard window can result in gaps and spaces. Not only are these unsightly, they allow in light when you want a room dark. The gaps can also compromise privacy. Custom blinds are made to fit the window perfectly so that there will be no unnecessary gaps or light leaks.

2. Fewer Damages

Another issue with standard blinds is that the hardware may not be placed correctly for a streamlined installation. You may have to hang the blinds outside of the window frame if the headrail is too long. This results in mounting holes in the wall or drilled into the window frame itself, which can be difficult to repair if you ever change out your window treatments. Custom blinds will feature mounting hardware sized to your window so you can install the blinds properly.

3. Perfect Colors

Don't settle for a boring neutral or a color that is almost but not quite right, especially if you have your heart set on something else. When ordering custom blinds, you get to choose all the style options. Color, pattern, and even the material that blinds are made from is up to you, because the blinds will be made to your custom specifications. Just make sure to make choices that will complement your evolving style over the years so you don't have to replace the blinds prematurely.

4. Quicker Installation

The most commonly used alternative to custom blinds is cut-down blinds. These blinds are larger than the window you are covering, then you cut them down to size. This is a long and tedious process, whereas installing blinds made to custom fit the window only takes a few minutes per window. You can easily turn a task that would take a whole weekend into one that will only take a few hours.

5. Extra Features

You don't have to give up any features when you go custom. For example, you can opt to have your custom blinds designed to be cordless, an important safety option if you have small children. Or you can have one side coated to block heat and light. Most custom manufacturers will have a list of available options for you to look over.

Contact a custom window blinds service to learn more about your available options when it comes to blinds.

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