3 Basics For Soundproof Windows

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3 Basics For Soundproof Windows

3 Basics For Soundproof Windows

3 December 2021
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If the sounds of the neighbor kids or a high traffic road are interfering with your sleep, the solution is as simple as soundproof windows. There are a few different options, so it's best to know what they are.

1. Glass 

The ideal glass for the highest soundproofing capability is acoustic glass. This type of glass is made of two layers that are permanently bonded together with PBV, a clear substance that has the ability to absorb and diffuse sounds so they can't enter your home. Acoustic glass blocks more sound than any of the other glass options, so it comes with high soundproofing ratings. 

Laminated window glass is another soundproofing option, although it doesn't rate as high as acoustic glass. It is made by laminating an acrylic layer between two glass layers to create a thicker glass that noise can't travel through as easily. Some insulated double and triple pane windows may also carry soundproof ratings, although they are not specifically made to the purpose.

2. Frame 

Traditionally, wood frames were typically used for manufacturing soundproof windows because thick, dense wood allows little noise to travel through. Unfortunately, this meant a lifetime of painting and wood maintenance for homeowners, so now there are alternatives.

Both vinyl and fiberglass frames are available for soundproof windows. To be soundproof, though, the inside core of the frames must be insulated and not hollow. Some soundproof framing features a wood core covered by the vinyl or fiberglass outer surface, while others may use some sort of insulated cored material. The good news is that solid core and insulated core frames are still low maintenance and likely to have a long working life.

3. Fitting

Soundproof windows can only block noise effectively if they are installed properly. This means ensuring that the house is properly measured for the windows before ordering so that each window fits snugly in place without a lot of space around it. Some soundproof window manufacturers maintain a list of certified installers that have been trained in the proper methods for putting in soundproof windows. 

What spaces remain should be filled with ample insulation to block any noise, as sound leaks around the frame are a common complaint. Further, an acoustic caulk should be used for sealing the windows in place. This caulk is designed to absorb noise leaks as opposed to allowing the sound to transfer into the home. 

Contact a soundproof window manufacturer, such as EZ Sound Proof, to learn more. 

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