Learn About Storm Window Damages And Prompt Repairs

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Learn About Storm Window Damages And Prompt Repairs

Learn About Storm Window Damages And Prompt Repairs

1 December 2022
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When you have storm windows, it generally means that you reside in an area where you do get severe storms that come through. These windows are installed to ensure that not only the windows but also the inside of your home, will be protected during a storm. However, there is the chance that a serious storm can pass through and end up causing one or more of the storm windows to endure some damage. When this happens, you are going to want to have someone come out to repair the storm windows as quickly as you can. The rest of this article will cover things like how storm windows can get damaged, how you can spot such damage, and why prompt repairs are critical. 

How storm windows can be damaged

There are a lot of ways that a storm window can end up being damaged in the midst of a storm. The strong winds are capable of slamming heavy things, such as broken tree branches, into the windows. While they are designed to withstand a lot of stress, when something slams into them that goes beyond their limits, they can be damaged. Also, a hurricane that produces winds that can have speeds of around a couple of hundred miles per hour can produce sudden gusts that put so much pressure on the storm window that it can be damaged. Hail can also be so large and come down with so much force that it can also cause damage. 

How to spot storm window damage

There are a number of ways that you can tell that there has been some damage to your storm window. Sometimes, the damage is so extensive, that it's obvious as soon as you see the window. However, many times the damage is not so easily spotted. One way you can determine there is damage is by seeing that there is condensation and fogginess on the inside of the glass. This means that the window pane is no longer airtight like it is supposed to be. Another sign of a damaged storm window is feeling a draft when you walk by the window. You can verify there is a draft by lighting a candle and slowly bringing it closer to the window. If there is a draft, then the flame will start to dance as it gets closer to the window. Also, if you come home to see signs of hail damage on the siding and/or chipped paint on the window frames, then check the windows well because hail might have really damaged them. 

Why storm window damage should be repaired right away

As soon as you know there is damage to the storm windows, you want to have them repaired. Otherwise, you can end up having water come inside and cause water damage and mold growth. You can also have a harder time heating and cooling the home, causing the HVAC unit to work harder and the utility bills to rise. Also, you can have another storm come through, and the windows won't offer the necessary amount of protection in their damaged state. 

For more info about storm window repairs, contact a local company. 

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