Window Tinting Is More Effective Than You Think

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Window Tinting Is More Effective Than You Think

Window Tinting Is More Effective Than You Think

3 October 2017
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Many people only think of window tinting as a way to reduce sun glare through their glass. In fact, film window tints can serve many purposes and be useful even in cold climates. There are a variety of products that can be easily self-installed by homeowners looking for a cheap way to make their fixtures a little more energy efficient.  This article explains why you should consider adding tint to your windows and the best techniques for actually doing it.

How Window Tints Work

Window tinting is most commonly done in hot, sunny climate. By reducing the effect of the sun rays on your windows, you can keep your rooms cooler. Solar absorption is a major issue in hot climates. Tinting is also popular on the older windows for homeowners who don't have the budget for a full-scale window upgrade. Most homeowners see window tinting as a cheap way to slightly reduce their heating bills during the summer. This is definitely true, but did you know that window films can also add efficiency to windows in cold climates.

A simple window film can reduce the rate of heat loss through your class. You can install film on both inside and outside of your home. Basically, the matter what time of year it is, tinted window films can make it a little easier to keep your home at the desired temperature.

How to Apply Window Tints

Window tints are sold in small kits that usually include almost everything you need to install them. Often, you will also need a utility knife or razor blade to cut the film since these won't be included in the kit. Most kits come with a roll of film, the adhesive solutions, and a small squeegee. Make sure you buy film that is wide enough for your windows. That is, you don't want to use multiple pieces of film on the same glass pane.

Each system might have slightly different installation instructions, But the most important part of the job is making sure that you squeegee out all of the air bubbles before trimming away the excess film. Press the corners tight into the window frame before cutting them. The razor blade will allow you to cut right next to the frame so you won't be able to see the edge of the film.

Tinting your windows is most useful in hot sunny climates, but it is still a worthwhile upgrade no matter where you live. Contact a company like Phoenix Window Fashions for more information and assistance. 

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