The Beauty Of Wood Hybrid Windows

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The Beauty Of Wood Hybrid Windows

The Beauty Of Wood Hybrid Windows

3 April 2018
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If you look at most modern construction, you will notice that windows are now being built out of synthetic materials like vinyl and fiberglass. These products certainly have a lot of advantages over some old fashioned materials like aluminum and wood. However, when it comes to wood, you can never fully dismiss it. Wood remains one of the most popular and desirable window materials. This article explains why it is still possible to have efficient, practical, usable, and long-lasting wooden window sashes, even with horizontal sliding windows.

Vinyl-Wood Hybrid Windows

It is important to point out that most modern wooden window sashes don't just consist of a wooden sash that holds the glass panes inside of it. In fact, most sashes have a synthetic structure that the glass is secured to, and the wood is just attached to the outside of it. For instance, wooden-clad vinyl fixtures are among the most popular. This just means that the inside of the window is vinyl, but what you see is the real wood. This is very important because real wood is obviously susceptible to warping. But, this is not an issue that will affect the operation of a wood-clad window. The vinyl will not warp, so the glass will remain secure regardless of moisture or temperature.

Maintaining Wood

That being said, the wood on the outside of your fixtures is still going to be exposed to the elements, meaning that it can rot, fade, and look aged if it is not properly cared for. In order to take care of your wooden window fixtures, you will need to re-stain them a few times over the years. But, many people see this as an opportunity to update the style and color of their windows. If you have recently painted or stained the outside of your house, re-staining the windows is an opportunity to update the color to match with your home. It much easier to make sure that you windows always match the trim around your house, your fencing, or any other design element that you want to coordinate with.

Most people don't need to be convinced about the style of wood. It looks great no matter what you home style it. It is definitely the most desirable product when it comes to aesthetically pleasing windows. With advancements in hybrid and wood-clad vinyl products, it is easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing wooden windows again.

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