How Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Installed

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How Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Installed

How Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Installed

16 July 2019
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If you want to change out the windows in your home, you are in the market for vinyl replacement windows. Before purchasing replacement windows, it can be helpful to understand what the installation process is going to be like on the official installation day. The installation process for most replacement windows is a relatively simple process.

Preparing the Surrounding Area

First, the installers will prepare the area around where they will be working. Inside your home, they will place drop cloths. The purpose of the drop cloths is to easily catch any debris generated during the installation process. This makes the clean-up process easier for them and ensures that nothing is dropped that could damage anything in your home. Oftentimes, installers will also place drop cloths outside so as to not mess-up your deck or your outside landscaping. If there is anything in the way, inside or outside, the contractors will move the items or ask you to move the items if you are present. It is in your best interest to remove all personal items from around the window area so that it is easier to install the windows.

Removing the Window

Second, the installers will remove the old window. They will have to use some tools to pop out the old window, but this is a relatively easy process. This is often a two-person job, as someone works on removing the window and someone else holds the window as it comes out of its frame. Once the old window is removed, the installation team will clean around the old window and make sure the frame is in good condition. If the frame is not in good condition or if you wanted a different frame to be installed, this is when they would install the new frame.

Installing the New Window

Once the area is ready, they will put the new window into place. To keep the window in place, they will seal the window to the frame, using some sort of adhesive. The type of adhesive used depends upon the type of frame you have as well as the weather conditions at the time of installation. Then, insulation will be added around the window. This is the most important part of the window replacement process. The seal and insulation process must be done correctly to prevent drafts into your home and to prevent water from leaking around the window and causing further complications.

The window installation process is a really quick process. Replacing a single vinyl window can usually be accomplished in under an hour. If you have more windows to replace, figure on about an hour per window with a two-person installation team. Reach out to

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professionals, for more information.

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